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Aquaculture Singapore October 2016

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The AquaSG’16 conference bright you locally and internationally renowned speaker specializing in research, nutrition, farming technology and investment for the aquaculture industry.

Convering Latest Trends and Research Findings

Carefully selected topics during the Aqua SG will cover various aspects of aquaculture including latest trends and research findings to bring value to conference attendees.

Topics Include

Aquaculture, Animal Health, Biosecurity, Biotechnology, Breeding and Genertics Cage-culture, Environment and Biodiversity, Finfish, Integrated Multi-trophic System, Investment in Aquaculture, Shrimp Genetics, Broodstock and Hatchery Management



18 October, Tuesday: Exhibition move-in 12:00-18:00

19 October, Wednesday: Trade show open

20 October, Thursday: Trade show open

21 October, Friday: Trade show open

22 October, Saturday: Exhibition move-out 10:00-16:00

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