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Energy efficiency in Greece

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A great event with great success! On 10 th of October, 2014 the End Customer Forum has been implemented for the first time in Greece, planned by FA Partnermanagement (DF FA S PTM PDE). The Forum focused on “Water networks management optimization. Energy efficiency” and was organized in common with FA.

Partnermanagement and the region Greece (RC-GR). The participants were end-customers (municipalities), consultants, planers, SOPs – all of them high level managers and decision makers. The referees were both: non- Siemens experts as well as experts from Siemens HQs.



  • The President of the Association of Greek W&WW Municipal Companies presented the problems and the challenges that the local municipalities face.
  • Prof. Dr. Bongards from the University of Cologne, specialized in Water industry, presented the trends in W&WW for the next 10 to 20 years.
  • An End-customer and his SOP Partner demonstrated the savings that have beenachieved after the implementation of their solution with Siemens products.

Additionally, Siemens experts from the W&WW Vertical ( PD PA AE W&W 3) and from Smart Grid/metering gave an overview of the Siemens solutions and products, concerning SMART WATER. Moreover FA Partner-management für Factory Automation explained the significant importance of high quality of Siemens SOPs and how it is ensured. Thanks to the micro-fair of the local SOPs an active exchange of end-customers and SOPs was enforced which led to facilitation in building up networks.


The result was remarkable positive with the urgent request from all participants, approx. 120 persons, that the forum has to be repeated in the future.


  1. Trends in the water industry_Prof. Bongards
  2. EC DEYAL (gr)
  3. Smart Water Dr. Pirsing
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