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Meeting the needs of nutrition and enhancement for feed production

How Can We Help Both Feed Manufacturers and Farmers to Make Good Profit and Yield?

As the industry expands to satisfy increasing demand for affordable, safe, and high-quality seafood products, efficient and balanced nutrition is essential to economically produce a healthy, high quality fish and shrimp. Shrimp and fish, especially when cultured in high stocking densities and in competitive environment for natural food, require a high-quality, nutritionally complete, balanced diet to grow rapidly and remain healthy. Consequently, feed efficiency is critical to the profitability and productivity of aquaculture production because feed represents the majority of the production costs.

Feed manufacturers face various issues relating to commercial feeds production. To name a few, rising costs of ingredients, nutrient availability and digestibility, fish meal price and supply, alternative sources of good protein, environmental and safety issues. We look at the issues from different angles to offer products and services to help both feed manufacturers and farmers to successfully overcome these problems.